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Model: MT-6803
Code: 38249999

Matting Agent MT-6803 Used for Coil Coating, Furniture Paint And Industry Paint

Product Description



MT-6803 is a kind of amorphous silica matting agent which made through gel process. It has large pore volume performance, so it is easier to be dispersed and higher matting efficiency. It is main applied in coil coating, Furniture Paint and Industry Paint.


Chemical Data

Loss on Drying (2h at 105℃, %):               3-5

Loss on ignition (2h at 1000℃,%):              5-7

(Based on dried substance)

Sulfate content as SO4 (%):                        1

Average Particle size (μm):                        4-5

Oil absorption (g/100g):                           250-280

SIO2 content                                             99%

(Based on ignited substance)

PH value:                                                   6-7

Refractive index:                                        1.45

Packing size:                                            10kg/bag


1.       High matting efficiency because its particle size distribution is in the range to effect excellent matting efficiency.

2.       Easy dispersing. Normally it can be dispersed completely under mix speed 1200rpm (5-6m/s) for 10-15 minutes. Temperature should be controlled to be below 50℃.

3.    Good transparency performance. After scientific arrangement, the refractive index is close to the refractive index of film-forming resin, which avoids the possible white fog of Matt transparent paint.

Packing and Storage

10kg/bag; Store in Dry ventilation place.

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