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Model: . MT-6506
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MT-6506 Is The Wax Treated Grade It Is Mainly Recommended for Coil Coatings.

Product Description



MT-6506 is a gel silica matting agent with big pore volume. Due to its high purity and porosity and special structure, it gives better matting efficiency and lower oil absorption. MT-6506 is the wax treated grade.  MT-6506 is mainly recommended for coil coatings.

Physical and Chemical Data

Loss on Drying (2h at 105℃, %):                 5.0 max

Loss on ignition (2h at 1000℃,%):               5.0-7.0

(Based on dried substance)

Pore volume(ml/g):                                       2.0

Average Particle size D50 (μm):                  4.0-5.0

Oil absorption (g/100g):                               250-280

SIO2 content                                                99%

(Based on ignited substance)  

Bulk Density:                                                0.05g/ml


1.       High matting efficiency because its particle size distribution is in the range to effect excellent matting efficiency.  

2.       Easy dispersing. Normally it can be dispersed completely under mix speed 1200rpm (5-6m/S) for 10-15 minutes. Temperatures should be controlled to be below 50℃.

3.       High transparent, and foggy appearance can be avoided in vanish.

4.       Can be applied both in solvent system and aqueous system.


Recommend Application

Coil coatings and other industrial coatings. 

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