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Common knowledge of paints: Classification and advantages and disadvantages of water-based paints

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Water-based paint is paint that uses water as a diluent. Water-based paint can generally be divided into three categories, one is based on acrylic as the main component of water-based wood paint, its main feature is good adhesion, will not deepen the color of the wood, but poor wear and chemical resistance. Due to its low cost and low technical content, it has become the main product on the market. The second category is water-based wood lacquer that is based on a composition of acrylic and polyurethane. In addition to the characteristics of acrylic lacquer, it also features increased abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. The third category is 100% polyurethane water-based paint, and its wear resistance is even several times that of oil-based paints. It is a high-grade product in water-based paints. This technology is only available for a few specialized companies.

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Knowing the classification of waterborne wood paint, consumers can choose according to their own needs, such as the need to brush doors and windows, furniture, etc., where wear resistance is not high, just choose the first type or second type of water-based paint Can; if brushed wood floors, it is best to use the third type of water-based paint.

Although the types are clear, it is not easy to distinguish waterborne wood lacquers on the market. Because manufacturers are not unified in the name and composition of water-based paint, it is easy for consumers to confuse. For example, the water-based paint with acrylic acid as the main ingredient has two standards of acrylic acid and acrylate. What is more, the water-based lacquer, which is based on a composition of acrylic and polyurethane, is marked as a water-based polyester lacquer. Consumers are best able to judge by visual inspection and nose smell: Acrylic acid is a milky white liquid with a slightly sour taste. Polyurethane is a translucent liquid like egg white, with a hint of oily aroma. Of course, the most reliable method is to purchase professional waterborne wood paint manufacturers.

Advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint

1, water-soluble paint, non-toxic and environmental protection, does not contain harmful solvents such as benzene, free of free TDI.

2. The construction is simple and convenient, and it is not easy to have common problems such as air bubbles, particles and other oil paints, and the paint film has a good feel.

3, high solid content, full and tough paint film.

4, no yellowing, excellent water resistance, no burning.

5, anti-rust, high temperature.

6, can be simultaneously with other paints such as latex paint construction

7, part of the water-based paint hardness is not high, easy to scratch, this particular attention in the choice.

In general, except for slightly higher prices, water-based paints are good from construction and environmental protection.

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