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Model: MT-6500
Code: 38249999

Amorphous Silica Matting Agent MT-6500 It Is Suitable for Paint

Product Description



MT-6500 is a kind of organic surface treated, and easily dispersible amorphous silica matting agent for applications in both solvent system and aqueous system. It is suitable for most of paint (except leather coatings) and inks, including photocureable coatings and elastic paint.

MT-6500 is improved from our MT-6112. Compared with MT-6112, MT-6500 is of lower oil absorption, better transparency, easier to be dispersed and higher matting efficiency.

MT-6500 can be added in paint formulation with high resin content.

Physical and Chemical Data

Loss on Drying (2h at 105℃, %):               3-5

Loss on ignition (2h at 1000℃,%):             10-13

(Based on dried substance)

Sulfate content as SO4 (%):                        1

Average Particle size (μm):                         3-5

Oil absorption (g/100g):                            260-290

SIO2 content                                              99%

(Based on ignited substance)

PH value:                                                    6-8

Refractive index:                                         1.45

Bulk Density:                                           0.05g/ml

Packing size:                                          10kg/bag


1.       High matting efficiency because its particle size distribution is in the range to effect excellent matting efficiency.

2.       Easy dispersing. Normally it can be dispersed completely under mix speed 1200rpm (5-6m/s) for 10-15 minutes. Temperature should be controlled to be below 50℃.

3.       High transparent, and foggy appearance can be avoid in vanish.

1.       Can be applied in both in solvent system and aqueous system.

2.       MT-6500 has good thermal stability.

Packing size


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